Friday, October 31, 2014

Homemade carpet shampoo and febreze

1 Cup Oxyclean*
1 Cup Febreeze*
1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar
*This homemade version works fabulously!
Pour contents into shampooer tank and mix with hot water to fill tank completely. This will not only clean your carpets it will also deodorize. It will smell slightly of vinegar until the carpet is dry, then will smell like febreeze...
Be sure to test spot with the solution just to be safe, however this should be safe for ALL carpets.
*Note: The amounts in this recipe are for a large professional carpet cleaner. For a small home carpet cleaner, cut the amounts down to 1/4 cup of each.
~To save even more $$$ make your own Febreeze too! For just $0.15 a Bottle! Here is the Recipe...
✿✿ Homemade Febreze ✿✿
What you'll need:
1/8 Cup of fabric softener (I used Downy April Fresh)
2 tablespoons Baking Soda
Hot tap water
Spray bottle (I used my empty 27 oz. Febreze bottle)
Using a funnel, pour fabric softener and baking soda into your spray bottle. Fill spray bottle with hot tap water and shake well. Don't forget to twist the nozzle over to the LOCK position if you're using a Febreze bottle.

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