Saturday, June 30, 2012

Loveless Cafe, Nashville, TN

Loveless cafe
8400 Hwy 100 
Nashville, TN 37221
615 646 9700

The Loveless Cafe is like a oasis in the forest.  You are driving along and all od a sudden up pops this wonderful spot.  

  The first thing that appearn on your table as they are asking about your dring preerences is 
Biscuits and Preserves peach, blackberry, and strawberry. 

 Homemade Creamed Corn and Fried Catfish and a Hiush Puppy.
 The creamed corn is like none I have ever eaten it was wonerful.
 Fried Catfish and Hush Puppy
On this trip I ordered Fried Okra when ever it was on the menu.  Twenty plus resturants and I did  ot find one that tasted like it was other than out of a package.
 More Biscuts
Turtle Pie   Now this was an interesting item for a westerner to try and order from a southerner

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big Jake's Cattle Co, Van Buren, AR

Big Jake's Cattle Company
1702 Fayetteville Rd
Van Buren, Arkansas

The food and service were excellent we will visit again if we ever find ourselves in the area.


We asked at our hotel for suggestions for a good place to eat.  The desk host suggested Big Jakes. She also offered a cupon for a free Awesome Blossom.
 We asked our server how large the portions were she said not to large then shortly thereafter delivered the serving of beans and bread. 
 We showed her the Awesome Blossom Cupon and asked if she though we would have room for it and our meal.  She assired us there would not be a problem. So we ordwred it, and began to enjoy it.
 Then our main meals arrived  Jan's Fried Catfish.

My Cajun Catfish.

Guess what we had for  breakfast... Catfish and waffles.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shamrock Texas, Big Vern's

Big Vern’s Steakhouse
200 E. 12th Street Route 66 
Shamrock, TX 79079
They do not have a website, however, you can read what others have shared.

If you find your self in Shamrock Texas visit Big Verns.

This wonderful homemade Cornbread contains three ingredients.  Beer, Cornmeal and sugar.  Wonderful could eat it  three meals a day.

 You can not beat HOMEMADE veffie soup

 The Host and Hostess are at your service ask and you will receive
 These portions may look small but Jan and I share our meals.  Not that we do not like leftovers but when you are on the road some things do not travel in a ice chest.