Monday, July 27, 2009

Saw this sign in Show Low beside the herb shop sounds like someone we all know.
Last week while in Show Low Jan and I visited the Farmers Market, not as large as some but friendly people and freat item for sale.

Show Low Farmers Market

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some times we take the busy highway others we take the road less traveled

When you are sure you are going the right way

Some days you are sure you are going in the right direction others you are not so sure.
This day I was sure.

One Sunny WARM day Jan and I decided to taker a drive to Springerville. I thought as long as we were going through Concho we could visit the Lavender Farm. I checked the web and found We drove quite a while and so I called the neumber to get directions (see below above the map) No one told me it was a dirt road.

**From Showlow/Pinetop: Take the US-60 EAST for about 20 miles, at the Junction, turn Left on AZ-61 travel for about 10 miles, turn left on 180A...
**From St. Johns: Starting at AZ-61 going towards Concho, turn Right on 180A...
**From Snowflake: Starting at Concho Highway going towards Concho, turn Left unto 180...
**Once you are on 180A, turn Right at Mile Marker 352 (Shiloh Village sign), follow the two lane dirt road, turn Right when the road becomes one lane, turn Left at first curve and drive down the lane until you are at the gates.

I thought there was only one Lavender and it had flowers. I sure had a lot to learn.

This is the first photos of many different types of Lavender

More Lavender

lavender types 03

Still More Lavender

Lavender growing in rows at Concho