Monday, July 30, 2012

Don's Seafood Hut & Oyster Bar, Gonzales, LA

Don’s Seafood Hut & Oyster Bar
2405 W Cabela’s
Gonzales, LA 79737
225 644 4888

Fresh Hot bread with melted butter and garlic.
Catfish and Sweet Potato fries

Treat for Students or Teacher

Saw this on facebook and had to share.

No tutorial found but I think the photos say it all.

Rendezvous Diner

Rendezvous Diner
 Greer, AZ 85927
              (928) 735-7483
When we need a change of pace we take a drive to Greer 
and indulge ourselves.

Do not judge the food by the cover.
This does not leave any question.

We love their homemade soup served in a big cup.
 The chicken tortilla is our favorite.

They have a great green chili cheeseburger
Their fried chicken was interesting I do not believe I have ever
 seen chickens this small.
But if the truth be known we really go for the Blackberry Cobbler 
Last time we were there thay had had Greer days the weekend prior.  One of the events was Horse Apple Bingo played on these 
"Bingo Cards"
To view the rules from a different location please visit:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Linda Cobb Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean Linda Cobb

by Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean / Special to
Posted on October 24, 2012 at 1:20 PM
PHOENIX -- All of us have had an experience where we attempt to clean something and it just goes wrong, leaving us with an even bigger mess.  Here’s what to do for some of those messes.
This is right at the top of my list of cleaning no-nos: Using window cleaner to clean a spot on carpet.  Many window cleaners are blue in color. When you put it on the carpet to try and remove a spot you are left with a blue colored stain on the carpet. 
Number one, window cleaner is not a good carpet cleaner and not good for the carpet, but now that you have done it, what do you do.  First, pour club soda on as quickly as you can.  The carbonation will bubble up the blue liquid and the salts will keep it from staining. 
Still blue?  Saturate the area with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of ammonia added to it.  Let it soak for 15 minutes or so and then blot.  Follow up once the stain is removed by pouring on more club soda and blotting well with paper towels.  Lay them over the area and stand on them to absorb.
Lots of people uswg Mrs. Smith's Bluing to whiten their whites. What’s the biggest mistake they make?  Not diluting it correctly or pouring directly on the clothes.  
If accidentally spilled full strength or if too much bluing was used, soak fabric overnight in a solution of 1/2 cup ammonia to 1 quart of cold water in a tightly covered container.  Do not use bleach. If bluing removal was previously attempted with bleach, soak 2 to 3 days in a solution of 1 cup ammonia to 1 quart of cold water in a tightly covered container.
Be careful not to mix bleach and ammonia as toxic fumes will result. After stain is removed, rinse thoroughly , then launder as usual.
Grease stains on clothes when removed improperly will come out of the dryer with wet looking stains on them. 
In order to remove the grease at that point, you need to regenerate it.  You can do this by spraying with WD-40 Lubricant.  Let sit about 10 minutes and then work in 1 part Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.  Work in well and then launder as usual.
Color runs are another huge issue. You toss the laundry in and somehow, a red shirt gets in with the light-colored clothes and suddenly everything is pink! 
Bleaching will not remove this fugitive dye that is all over your clothes. Buy Carbona Color Run Remover at the big box, grocery or home center and use according to directions to get the color out.  Another product that works is White Brite. Buy it in the same types of stores.
Sometimes wash comes out with liquid fabric softener spots all over it.  To remove, rub with liquid dish soap.   For spots caused by dryer sheets, rub with a bar of Dove Face Soap.  Then launder the clothes again. 


Dump the following over the drain in the sink: 1 cup baking soda and one cup of salt.

Carefully pour a kettle of boiling water in and around the drain, washing the soda and salt down the drain. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes and then flush with cold water.

The water may sit in the sink for a while, buut once the salt and soda eat through the guck, down it will go!

by Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean / Special to
Posted on October 10, 2012 at 11:26 AM
Updated yesterday at 2:16 PM
PHOENIX -- Chlorine bleach can be an excellent disinfecting product when used correctly. It can also prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Here are some uses for bleach that you may not have thought of and the correct was to use it.

Remember, chlorine bleach is a hazardous chemical, just read the label on the bottle. Always measure, never just pour. Never pour on clothes. Remember that chlorine bleach fumes can remove color from fabric and mixed with ammonia the vapors can cause death.

Disinfect kids' waterproof toys: This is great for toys you buy at Mom to Mom sales, thrift stores and when the kids have been sick. It's a great way to keep germs from spreading.

1 gallon warm water
3/4 cup chlorine bleach
A few drops of antibacterial hand wash

Soak the toys in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes. If they are too large to soak, wipe them down with the solution and let it sit on them 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse really well several times. Allow to dry well, preferably in the sunlight.

Mold on grout: To clean mold off of tile grout combine 50 percent warm water and 50 percent chlorine bleach. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so and then add more and scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse well. Remember the fumes will be strong so do this with proper ventilation and also if you splash it on yourself or surrounding area it will remove color.

If you have a particularly bad area of mold in the shower, spray with undiluted bleach and let sit overnight and then rinse. DO NOT do this to the entire shower. The fumes will be too strong. This is only for small areas of difficult mold.

Plastic shower curtains and liners: Place the curtain in the washer along with several old light-colored towels, 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach and a normal amount of laundry detergent. Fill the machine with HOT water. Run through the entire cycle. Once it is done gather the curtain into one of the towels and take it to the bathroom to rehang immediately. Close the curtain fully to allow it to air dry and drip into the shower.

Mildew and stains on concrete, patio stones and stucco: Mix 1 cup chlorine bleach and 2 gallons of hot water. Apply to the stained area and scrub vigorously with a stiff brush preferably on a long handle. Do not get this solution on grass or plants. I suggest that you wet down any nearby landscape with water and then rinse it well again when you are done.

Cut flowers: Take one quart of water and 1/4 teaspoon of chlorine bleach and mix. Add to vase of fresh flowers to increase the longevity and keep the water from getting cloudy. Dump the vase frequently and refill with this mixture frequently to keep flowers fresh longer.

Disinfecting spray: Combine the following in a spray bottle:

2 cups of warm water
1 teaspoon of chlorine bleach

Spray on hard kitchen and bathroom surfaces to disinfect. Allow to sit on surface 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe with a paper towel or cloth. Rinse food prep areas and then buff.

For more information on the Queen of Clean Linda Cobb, to find products used and recommended by the Queen and FREE printouts go Find the Queen’s books at national book stores and on Amazon and
You can use CLUB SODA to clean stainless steel. Use it on stainless appliances, countertops and sinks. Just pour or wipe it on and wipe dry. You don't need soap, you don't need to rinse and the soda will not harm any surface. Save the last of the club soda to wipe out the inside of the refrigerator.


Prevent broiler fires and flare-ups by laying slices of bread in the bottom of the broiler pan before you put the rack on. The bread will absorb the grease so no flare-ups and the pan will be easier to clean.



HOMEMADE COOKIES: They will stay fresh longer than in the pantry. Put in sealed bag or container.

WHOLE-WHEAT FLOWER: Put it in a freezer bag and store in the refrigerator. It will last up to six times as long.

NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER: Stir it well to mix in the oil and then store in the refrigerator. The oil should no longer separate.

RIPE BANANAS: The peels will turn black, but the fruit will be good for several extra days.

AVOCADOS: Be sure they are ripe and then put them in the refrigerator to prolong their shelf life.

CANDLES: Cold wax burns slower and drips less. You can also store them in the freezer in a ziplock bag.

COLOGNE and EAU DE TOILETTE: Stored in the refrigerator they will maintain their scent for at least 2 years. PERFUME should always be stored at room temperature

LIPSTICK: If you have stocked up on your favorite shade store it in the refrigerator instead of a hot, damp bathroom.

by Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean / Special to
GMAZ interviews by Kaley O'Kelley and Javier Soto
Posted on September 10, 2012 at 12:14 PM

One of the biggest misconceptions about caring for wood furniture is that you should polish it each time you dust. Many people grab the can of spray polish and a cloth and just spray and wipe. Actually, this is not a good thing.
Many spray polishes contain silicone, which actually can dry out wood furniture. Back in grandma’s day people dusted their furniture on a regular basis and occasionally waxed or polished it. This is still the best practice.
Toss the spray can and dust with a lambswool duster or a microfiber cloth. Periodically, polish the furniture using something simple and natural that will moisturize and condition the wood.
Here are two of my favorite recipes. They will both last about a year stored in the pantry or cabinet. You apply them with a soft cloth, sparingly, and then buff. You don’t need to overuse it. Apply enough to lightly cover the table and then buff really well.
Mineral oil polish
1 cup of mineral oil (find at drug stores and home centers)
1-2 tsp. lemon or almond extract

Mix in a covered container. I like a glass or plastic jar with lid. Shake before using.
Olive oil polish (This is my favorite and I use it on my furniture.)
1 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white vinegar

Mix in covered container; shake well before using. Apply with a soft cloth, working in well, and then buff.
I have had a lot of questions lately about what to do when you end up with a white heat mark, from a hot dish being placed on the table, or a white ring from a drinking glass. Try this, dip your finger into car wax and follow the ring or mark on the table with your finger.
Gently, working with the grain, massage the car wax into the white ring or heat mark. Work at it for a few minutes, then take a clean, soft cloth and buff firmly. Repeat if necessary.
If you have heavy furniture polish build up and soiling on wood furniture do this to restore it’s luster.. Take a piece of 0000 steel wool. This is very fine steel wool. Dip it into lemon oil. Find lemon oil where furniture polish is sold in hardware and home stores. Working with the wood grain, work it into the wood. Press gently, increasing pressure if needed.
This will remove the buildup on the furniture and also remove soiling that is trapped in the furniture polish. Apply additional lemon oil as needed and keep turning the steel wool pad. When you are done, buff well with a soft cloth. Always test this method in a small inconspicuous area before doing an entire piece of furniture.
This method is excellent for older pieces and things that you buy at garage or thrift sales. This only works on real wood, not on laminates and other plastics etc.
Do not use it on floors or they will be extremely slippery.

Cooler weather is approaching and soon we will be pulling out our sweaters. Do you have one that shrunk? Here's what to do.


Use baby shampoo and warm water. Fill a basin with warm water, add a couple of squirts of baby shampoo and swish with your hand. Lay the sweater right on top of the water and allow it to sink on its own. Soak for 15 minutes. Gently take the sweater out without wringing it and put it in a container, then fill the basin again with clean water. Lay the sweater on top and let it sink again on it’s own. Take the sweater our, place it on a towel and roll the towel to remove most of the moisture. Lay the sweater on a dry towel on a flat surface and gently rehape it. Check the sweater as it is drying to continue reshaping as needed.

Using Mouth Wash

 Believe it or not, mouthwash is a wonderful cleaning product and if you are using the right one, it can also disinfect. Here’s some tips for cleaning with mouthwash and also a mouthwash/rinse recipe.
Quick tip: I went to the Dollar Tree Store to buy the mouthwash and bought three different kinds for $1 each. This makes it a very affordable cleaner, too.
Clean your computer monitor: A strong, alcohol-based mouthwash will work just as well, if not better than , glass cleaner on your computer monitor, iPad, iPhone or TV Screen. Apply it with a damp, soft cloth and then buff dry. Use this ONLY on glass screens, not LCD. Alcohol of any kind can damage the material used in LCDs.
Add to wash water: Sweaty, smelly socks can be full of bacteria and fungi that may not come out in the wash. To really clean these socks wash in the hottest possible water with regular detergent and 1 cup of alcohol-based sugarless mouthwash during the wash cycle.
Underarm odor: To help eliminate the bacteria that cause perspiration odor, dampen a cotton ball with sugarless, alcohol-based mouthwash and swab your armpits. Wait at least 10 minutes to apply deodorant. If you just shaved, wait a day to do this.
Disinfect a cut: Did you know that before it was mouthwash, it was an antiseptic used to prevent surgical infections? If you have a small cut, use an alcohol-based mouthwash to disinfect your skin.
Cleanse your face: An antiseptic mouthwash makes a great astringent for cleaning your face. Make sure you pick a sugarless mouthwash and then wash your face with regular soap and water and then rinse. Dab a cotton ball with mouthwash and gently wipe your face just as you would with toner. You will feel a fresh tingling sensation. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
Clean your toilet: Pour 1/4 cup of alcohol-based mouthwash into the bowl. Let it stand for at least ½ hour, then swish and flush. The mouthwash will clean and disinfect the toilet bowl.
Did you use up all your mouthwash for cleaning? Make your own natural alcohol and sugar-free rinse.
Put 1 oz of whole cloves and/or 3 oz of fresh rosemary in a pint-size container with a lid. Pour in two cups of boiling water. Cover and let steep for several hours or overnight. Strain it into a covered container and use to rinse mouth and freshen breath. Safe and natural!
For more information on the Queen of Clean Linda Cobb, to find products used and recommended by the Queen and FREE printouts go to Find the Queen’s books at national book stores and on Amazon and

You can easily make your own beauty 

and personal care products with things you already have at home. It’s super easy, inexpensive and the ingredients are safe, natural and contain no chemicals.
GREEN HAIR: Many the blond has gone swimming to emerge from the pool with greenish hair. Follow this formula to remove the green discoloration. Dissolve 10 aspirin tablets in a little hot water. Add enough warm water to make 1 cup of solution. Work this through the strands of hair well. Leave it on 5-10 minutes and then rinse with cool water.
RESIDUE REMOVING SHAMPOO: Beauty products such as styling products, hair spray and even conditioners can build up in your hair making it flat, dull, limp and lifeless. When you have a concentration of products in your hair it doesn’t take color as well either. To remove the residue from your hair combine your regular shampoo with baking soda to form a thin paste. Apply to the hair and work through from the roots to the ends. This is a great treatment right before having your hair colored. Don’t scrub harshly on the scalp or it could create irritation from the hair color.
FACE FRESHENER: On those hot days nothing feels better than cool moisture on your face. To freshen your face during the day, use Witch Hazel (available at the drug store). Carry a small bottle when traveling or keep one in your desk. Dampen cotton balls or put in a spray bottle and spritz your face. It will refresh you, but not harm your make up. Do not get in eyes. This is a very inexpensive toner and freshener.
BLEMISHES: Dab a drop of lemon juice on the blemish and let the drying process begin. Lemon juice is nature’s disinfectant and will also dry up the blemish.
A solution of 1 cup hot water combined with ¼ teaspoon of table salt is a great blemish eraser. Allow the solution to come to room temperature and then dab on the blemish. Do this up to six times a day.
LONG LASTING NAIL POLISH: Your nail polish will last longer if you apply a little vinegar to each nail with a cotton swab prior to applying nail polish. The acid in the vinegar will cause the polish to adhere better.
HAND CREAM: Mix two parts glycerin to one part lemon juice. Massage a little into your hands after washing and at bed time. It only takes a little. Also good for dry feet. Massage in at bedtime and cover feet with socks. Like any lotion you put on your feet, it will be slippery if you walk on a hard surface.

For more information on the Queen of Clean Linda Cobb, to find products used and recommended by the Queen and FREE printouts go Find the Queen’s books at national book stores and on Amazon and

Back to School with  

When the kids start back to school the spots, stains and smells come home every day. These are some of the problems I get asked about most along with some easy fixes.

BACKPACKS: Backpacks take a real beating, but cleaning them can be easy. For fabric, spray with Carpet CPR, wait five minutes and then rub with a damp microfiber cloth. Keep rubbing until no more dirt is removed, keeping the cloth rinsed well.

Spraying with a fabric protector will make it easier to clean. Look forScotchgard® in the grocery store or big box stores. For vinyl packs or trim, simply wring out the microfiber cloth in warm water and rub until the pack is clean.

GUM: On clothes, shoes, and the car mats where it gets tracked in on shoes. Carbona Stain Devils makes a special spotter for gum. Look for Stain Devils in the laundry spotter section at grocery stores, big box stores and home centers. Use it according to directions and that sticky mess will be gone.

GRASS: Once the kids are heading to the playground and playing sports, grass stains happen.
Avoid using ammonia, degreasers or alkaline detergents, these can interact with the tannin in grass stains and may permanently set them.
For all washable fabrics, sponge with rubbing alcohol, repeating this several times. If the stain persists, sponge with white vinegar and rinse. If you have a particularly difficult grass stain rub it firmly with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. Rinse well when you are done and then launder as usual.
For grass on white leather athletic shoes, rub with some rubbing alcohol or on a dry shoe rub with a dry soap-filled steel wool pad. Do not use any water on the shoe or pad. Rinse when done.
MUD/DIRT/RED DUST: Lather Fels Naptha Bar Soap onto the stained area and then work in 20 Mule Team Borax. Work the stained area well between your thumbs. Rinse and if needed re-treat. Launder as usual.
RED SODA, FRUIT AND JUICE STAINS: First of all try pouring club soda on it and let it bubble up. It may totally remove the stain if it’s not too old. If that doesn’t work then you can use Carbona Stain Devils for Fruit and Red Wine Stains. Follow the directions on the bottle.
ODOR: This is the time of the year when the gym bag and clothes come home smelling like dirty socks or worse. Sometimes the backpack smells like last week’s sandwich. To remove the odor, sprinkle ODORZOUT into the gym bag. A little goes a long way so you don’t need to use too much. Shake the bag out or vacuum it out when you are ready to use it again. Doing this on Friday night and shaking it out Sunday night generally keeps the bag smelling fresh. Odorzout is not a chemical cover-up like many of the sprays in the store. It is a natural odor eliminator so it’s safe for clothes and skin. Buy Odorzout at ACE and Bed Bath and Beyond or call 1-800-88STINK to find a store near you or to order.
STICKY ZIPPER: Sometimes the zipper on new clothes is a little hard for small hands to pull up. To make it slide with ease, rub with a pencil. The graphite will help the zipper glide smoothly.
If the kids' school clothes are too stiff, a problem with jeans many times, break them in by putting them in the washer with 1/2 cup of table salt. They’ll come out much softer.

Making your own toilet bowl cleaner. Healthier, safer and better than the ones you buy in the store and so much cheaper!


Use once a week to clean and disinfect.

Shut off water at tank and flush the toilet. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of baking soda all around the sides of the bowl. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (buy at drug stores and health stores) to 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Pour around over the baking soda. Let sit until foaming stops, then swish with your bowl brush. Be sure to get up around the rim of the toilet, that's where germs and odors lurk. Turn the water back on and swish and flush. The Tea Tree Oil is a natural disinfectant.


If you are heading out on a vacation road trip try this to keep the car from smelling like fast food, dirty socks and stale air.

Soak cotton balls in pure vanilla extract, eucalyptus oil, your favorite aromatherapy oil or even Tea Tree Oil, if you like a stronger smell. Put them in a plastic bag and stash in one of the front seat storage compartments. Each day, take out a couple and put in the ashtray or cupholders to fill the car with a fresh natural scent. It's so much better than those chemical filled hang-in-your-car air fresheners.

If you have stained wood cabinets in the kitchen they can get messy with oil, greasy residue from cooking, food spatters and dirty fingerprints. To clean them easily, use Avon Original Skin So Soft Bath Oil. Put some on a cloth, an old washcloth works great, and work it into the dirty areas first. Pay special attention to the area around the handles or where you grab the door or drawer to open it. Work it in and then go over the entire cupboard surface. Change out the rag as it becomes soiled so you don't spread the dirt around. Now buff the door well with a clean soft cloth. When buffing work with the grain of the wood. Cabinets will be clean and shining in no time.

We talked about toilet bowl cleaning earlier in the week. Here is another easy, safe, natural toilet cleaning trick that I have recommended for years. 

To clean your toilet on a regular basis drop in a teaspoon or two of Tang Orange Flavored Breakfast drink or use the store brand substitute. Let is sit 20 minutes or so or put it in and leave overnight like I do. Then you just swish and flush. If the dog, or heaven forbid the kids, drink out of the toilet the worst thing that can happen is orange lips!

PersNIKKIty's Cafe and Bakery Show Low AZ

PersNIKKIty's Cafe and Bakery
151 N. White Mountain Rd
 "Sweet A"
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 251-1965
PersNikkity's is a truly hidden gem in Showlow.  Nikki the owner is a excellent chef and a welcomeing smile is always at the ready.  The menu  is limited but is very well thought out and tops the taste limits

Nikki offers Scones, Muffins, and Turnovers

There are also Cina Buns with Nuts  all made fresh Daily

We love the Trio Burro with the hashbrowns on the outside.

If you are in the neighborhood be sure to drop in.  If you are not hungry grab a sweet for later

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rib City, Cookeville, TN

Rib City
780 west Jackson Street
931 372 7100
Cookeville, TN 38501

Dining Room at Rib City, Cookeville TN 
 Ribs, Shrimp, Beans and Corn 
 Ribs, Shrimp, Slaw,Fries
Cheese Fries

Crystal River Seafood, Tallahassee, FL

Crystal River Seafood
2721 North Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL  32303
(850) 383-1530

We arrived in Tallahassee Fl, tired and hungry.  Checked in to the Baymont and asked the desk clerk where we could get a GOOD quick meal close.  He asked me what kind of food I was interested in, I said frog legs.  He recommended the Crystal River Seafood just down the road.

Not much to look at from outside but the inside it was neat and clean and the service was spot on.

 Dining area viewed from our table
 Entrance and dining room viewed from our table
 Nice fresh chrisp dinner salad for Jan no onions
 Nice salad for me with sweet onions.
 Sweet potato fries a bit different style and shape but cooked just right.
 Frog legs done just right appitizer portion.
 Same plate different view.