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Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Cinnamon Roll Casserole
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Cinnamon Roll Casserole
  • 2 tablespoons of melted butter or baking spray
  • 2 cans (12.4 oz each) refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing (icing reserved)
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ cup heavy whipping cream
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 cup chopped Pecans
  • ¼ cup maple syrup + 1 teaspoon
  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Pour melted butter into a 3 quart baking dish that has been sprayed with non stick cooking spray.
  3. Separate both cans of dough into 16 rolls; set icing aside. Cut each roll into 6 pieces - place the chopped cinnamon rolls over the melted butter.
  4. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, cream, cinnamon & vanilla until combined. Drizzle the mixture over the cinnamon rolls. Sprinkle with pecans; drizzle with ¼ cup maple syrup.
  5. Bake 25 minutes or until golden brown. Cool for 10 minutes. Remove covers from the icing; microwave for about 15 seconds or until thin enough to drizzle. Stir in 1 teaspoon of maple syrup. Drizzle over the cinnamon roll casserole.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 6

ice cream sandwich in a pan

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Here’s the recipe that so many of you have been waiting for.
5 cups Cocoa Crispies Cereal
1 cup finely chopped peanuts
1/2 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 gallon chocolate swirl ice cream (or your favorite)
Place the cereal and nuts in a large mixing bowl. Place butter and brown sugar in a medium size saucepan and heat, stirring constantly, over medium flame until butter is melted and sugar is mostly dissolved. Pour over the cereal and mix well, using a large spoon.
Press half of the cereal mixture into the bottom of an ungreased, 9 x 13 glass cake pan. Press firmly and coat the bottom of the pan evenly.
Remove ice cream from carton and slice into 1 inch slices. Place in an even layer over the cereal crust in the pan. Smooth the seams using a spoon. Sprinkle the remaining mixture over the top of the ice cream to create and even top crust. Once the cereal is evenly distributed, press gently into the ice cream.
Cover the pan with a cake pan lid or aluminum foil. Place in freezer and allow the ice cream bars to chill for at least 4 hours prior to serving.  Once completely chilled, cut into pieces, plate and serve. This makes 12 to 18 ice cream bars.

3-Ingredient Brownies

Serves 16 | Active Time 5 Min | Total Time 25 Min 
1-1/4 cup (13-ounce container) Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 
2 large eggs 
1/2 cup (heaping) all-purpose flour 
1 teaspoon kosher salt 
Preheat oven 350°F. Prepare an 8"x8"  baking pan with cooking spray. Set aside. 

Mix chocolate spread and eggs in a medium bowl until combined. Add flour and 
salt. Mix until combined. 

Pour batter into prepared pan. 

Bake 20 minutes or until a cake tester or toothpick comes out clean. 

Serve and enjoy! 

DONNA'S TIPS: To make these gluten-free, use your favorite gluten-free 
all-purpose flour. 

Cut the brownies with a  disposable plastic  knife . The knife cuts through the brownies like butter and does not tear up the edges. Even when they are hot. Check out my  Brownie Baking Essentials Collection for more fabulous tips and tools on baking brownies. 

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krispie Ice Cream

This recipe tastes just like fried ice cream, but no frying or baking required! So easy and SO delicious!
Recipe type: Dessert
  • ¾ cup butter, softened
  • 1½ cup brown sugar
  • 3¾ cups Rice Krispies cereal
  • ½ gallon vanilla ice cream, softned to a workable temperature
  • favorite ice cream toppings, optional
  1. In a large bowl, mix softened butter, brown sugar and Rice Krispies cereal together.
  2. Spread ½ of the Rice Krispies mixture evenly on the bottom of a greased 9x13 pan.
  3. Smash a layer of vanilla ice cream over the top of Rice Krispie layer until evenly distributed and as flat as possible.
  4. Sprinkle remaining ½ of the Rice Krispies mixture over the top of ice cream layer.
  5. Freeze until set up and ready to serve.
  6. When ready to serve, remove from freezer and cut into squares. You can serve it topped with your favorite ice cream flavors or just as is. Either way is delicious!
Recipe from:

Homemade Kentucky Blueberry Cobbler

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Homemade Kentucky Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberry Cobbler is a very easy recipe, the only catch is that it takes about 45-55 minutes in the oven to go through the bubbling, caramelizing, browning process (now that doesn't sound too bad, does it?). The cobbler batter is a wonderful base that I could eat directly with a spoon if I didn't have the promise of blackberry heaven in my immediate future. It is akin to biscuits, and doesn't have sugar in the batter itself…that comes with the blackberries to create a nice glazed crust on top. For warmer weather, you can serve the cobbler with warmed cream (which I chose), or with fresh whipped cream–whatever makes you happy.
Traditional Recipe
2 1/2 C Fresh blackberries, washed
1 C Sugar
1 C Flour
2 t Baking powder
1/2 t Salt
1 C Milk
1 Stick of unsalted butter, melted
First you should take care of the blackberry and sugar mixture because it needs to sit for a while. Stir together just the berries and sugar in a large bowl and let it sit out for 25-30 minutes. This will coax out the juices of the blackberries so that they can be sweetened up by the sugar, and we can taste the full spectrum of the fruit–this process is called macerating.
After about 20 minutes, you should turn on the oven to about 375º and start preparing your batter.
Stir together the flour, baking powder, salt, and milk with a wooden spoon. Next, stir in the melted butter and hand-mix it until the ingredients are well incorporated and you have few clumps.
Pick out a clean baking dish– a smaller one will do– pour in the batter and smooth it out. You can choose to line it with parchment paper or not, but don’t grease the pan (there is enough butter in there already!). Finally, pour the macerated blackberries on top with all the sugar included and evenly distribute it over the batter.
Bake this promising pan of happiness in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how golden you prefer it to be. Let it set up for a good 15 minutes so it will hold its shape. It will be bubbling like crazy and quite hot, so be careful!
This hour goes a little like this: you can hear it bubbling through the vent behind the stove, you can smell the buttery dough caramelizing with the sugar, and you can see the dotted crown of blackberries creating that quintessential golden cobbler crust. It is a marvel to have in your oven, let me tell you!
Serve warm or room temperature with warmed cream or fresh whipped cream. You can store this at room temperature with foil over it for 2-3 days, probably longer in the fridge…but it never lasts that long for me!
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2000 Uses for WD 40 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cleaning Your Sink

Another Handy Tip!
If your kitchen sink is a bit dingy, then make it look just like new with eco-friendly materials you already have in your kitchen. And there's no scrubbing involved with this quick clean that basically costs nothing to make. Safely buff your way to a fresh and sparkling basin that will stay that way for weeks.
What You'll Need:
Baking soda
Lemon or orange peel
Olive oil
Paper towel
Give your sink a quick wash and rinse, removing all dishes and any food bits from the drain. Then sprinkle the entire sink with baking soda and use a soft sponge, working in a circular movement, to scrub the basin. Baking soda softly cleans without scratching stainless steel.
Rinse the sink with vinegar, which will bubble and fizz. Vinegar naturally disinfects while helping remove hard water stains from your stainless steel sink. Then lightly rub with the sponge and rinse the sink with water. You can also drop a garbage disposal refreshing bomb down the drain to keep the entire sink smelling fresh.
Put lemon or orange peel to good use, and rub the entire sink basin with a section of peel, rubbing the skin against the stainless steel, which helps deodorize the sink while helping the basin keep its new shine.
Finish by buffing with a paper towel and a touch of olive oil. Your sink will stay wonderfully shiny for several weeks before needing a refresher.
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Garlic Cheese Spread

Incredibly Delicious Cheese Garlic Bread Spread
Easy, cheesy, savory spread to transform regular bread into a taste sensation! Goes awesome with pasta dishes or beside a fresh salad.
Makes 1 1/2 cups spread
1⁄2-1 cup margarine ( I prefer real butter)
3 teaspoons chopped garlic
1⁄2 teaspoon garlic powder
1⁄8 teaspoon black pepper
1⁄4 cup parmesan cheese
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
Microwave margarine in medium glass bowl for about 40 seconds or until about halfway melted.
Mix in all ingredients, using a fork.
Spread mixture over bread (I use a one of those long sourdough french loaves split in half lengthwise but I've also used plain thickcut bread or split dinner rolls).
Place on baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes at 450, until top is golden brown.
Courtesy food. com

No Bake Lime Cheese Cake Pie


This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! No Baking required
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 small package lime jello
  • 3 Tbsp. lime juice
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 packet Dream Whip, and the milk and vanilla it requires
  • 1 graham cracker pie crust, Nilla Wafer crust works great, too
  • additional graham cracker crumbs for garnish, optional
  1. Combine boiling water, lime jello and lime juice in a medium bowl. Mix and let partially set (I stick mine in the fridge for about 20 minutes and it becomes partially set enough for me)
  2. While jello is partially setting, In a large bowl, cream cream cheese and sugar together. Set aside.
  3. Make packet of Dream Whip up according to box directions. Mine called for ½ cup COLD milk and ½ tsp. vanilla. Follow directions and store in fridge until ready to use.
  4. Once jello is partially set, pour into cream cheese/sugar mixture bowl and beat to combine.
  5. Fold in Dream Whip.
  6. Pour into graham cracker crust and sprinkle additional graham cracker crumbs over the top if desired.
  7. Cover and place in fridge until set.

No Bake Lemon Pie

No Bake Lemon Pie - 3 ingredients and it actually works smile emoticon
Pie Crust, Sweetened condensed milk, and lemon juice. Mix the Juice with the Milk then pour it into the Crust... then chill in the Fridge for a couple hours. Top with whipped cream - how easy is THAT!
1 Pie Crust
2 Can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk 
3/4 cup lemon juice


Pour two cans of sweetened condensed milk into a mixing bowl
Add Lemon Juice and Stir
Pour into the Pie Crust and refrigerate for a couple hours
Whipped cream for garnish

Orange Dreamsicle Cake

1 Pkg Yellow Cake Mix
2 Pks Orange JELL-O
1 Pk Vanilla Instant Pudding
1 Cup 2% Milk
2 Tsp Vanilla
1 Tub Cool Whip
Bake the cake as directed in a 9x13" pan. Let cake cool completely. Poke holes in cooled cake. Mix 1 package orange gelatin dessert with 1 c. boiling water and 1 c. cold water. Pour over cake. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours. Mix pudding mix with cold milk the other package of orange gelatin dessert and vanilla. Beat by hand with a whisk until thickened. Fold in the whipped topping. Frost the cake with the pudding mixture. These instructions will make a single layered amazing cake that is delicous!
PLEASE NOTE: To get the layered look as in this particular picture - make your cakes in well greased and floured pans - follow baking instructions. I then tip then out onto cooling rack and invert back onto a cookie sheet. Proceed to poke holes and do the jello thing and refrigerate.
Sausage Muffins this morning... so good and so easy. 1 cup Bisquick 1 lb. cooked sausage 4 eggs, beaten 1 cup shredded cheddar. 350 degrees for 20 min. in muffin tin.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Microwave Popcorn

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Microwave popcorn, no bags, no butter, no oil!!!!
It’s genius really. Simple, simple genius.
Glass bowl + ceramic plate + popcorn kernels = perfectly popped popcorn in the microwave.
No bag. No butter or oil. Nothing to throw away afterward. And even no un-popped kernels.
This is life-changing.
Stay with me now.
Take 1/4 cup of dry popcorn kernels and place in the bottom of a microwave-safe glass bowl (pyrex is a great choice). Place a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl. Plate should be wide enough to go beyond the rim of the bowl.
Microwave for 2 minutes 45 seconds. Watch in glory as your popcorn pops perfectly into little puffs of heaven.

Cake Mix Recipes

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3 large eggs
1 box cake mix (any flavor)
1 can pie filling (any flavor)
Put the three ingredients into a bowl, mix them well, and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees in a 9 x13 pan.
It’s got almost a pudding-cake kind of consistency, lighter than pound cake. It’s spotted on the inside with little pieces of whatever fruit filling you are using. The edges are crispy, like you would get on brownies.
Pineapple cake mix and blueberry filling
Chocolate cake mix and cherry filling
Yellow cake mix and cherry filling
Yellow cake mix and blueberry filling
Butter pecan cake mix and apple filling
Yellow cake mix and apple filling
Yellow cake mix and blackberry filling
Strawberry cake mix and blueberry filling

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Wash fruit and veggies to prevent mold

You know the scenario: You bought some delicious raspberries a day or two ago and you’re super excited to eat them… so you get them out of the fridge and to your dismay they are “wearing a fur coat”! Well, it does get a little chilly in there… 😉
How did this happen? You only just bought them and they seemed perfect!
Mold spores are all around us in the billions. Unseen in the air and on the surfaces of things. If they are present in large enough quantities, they can become a health hazard. Your berries picked up a covering of invisible mold spores on their journey to you – and given the right conditions, these can kick into life fast.
However, there’s a simple way to deal with this in the form of our trusty friend Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar is antifungal, antibacterial and also has great properties as a cleaning agent.
Here’s how to do it: – add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of water (around 1 part vinegar to 1 parts water) and leave them for several minutes, perhaps swirling them around gently a little. You’ll probably find the water changes color a little as the diluted vinegar lifts dirt, mold and nasties from your berries. Leave for 1 minutes, then drain and rinse. After rinsing, any vinegar taste should be gone. Then store your berries in the fridge.
You should now find that your berries last at least a week rather than just a couple of days. Enjoy! :)
Note that this works for all kinds of fruit and veg and is a good policy to help remove dirt, bacteria and pesticide residues from the surface of your produce.

More Uses for Vinegar

From cleaning shower curtains, to relieving insect bites, vinegar certainly has many functions. Here are some of our favorite household uses for vinegar.

(In this article, we are referring to "distilled white vinegar" for household use.)
  • Bring a solution of one-cup vinegar and four tablespoons baking soda to a boil in teapots and coffeepots to rid them of mineral deposits.
  • A solution of vinegar and baking soda will easily remove cooking oil from your stovetop.
  • Clean the filter on your humidifier by removing it and soaking it in a pan of white vinegar until all the sediment is off.
  • Vinegar naturally breaks down uric acid and soapy residue, leaving baby clothes and diapers soft and fresh. Add a cup of vinegar to each load during the rinse cycle.
  • Saturate a cloth with vinegar and sprinkle with baking soda, and then use it to clean fiberglass tubs and showers. Rinse well and rub dry for a spotless shine.
  • To remove chewing gum, rub it with full-strength vinegar.
  • For a clean oven, combine vinegar and baking soda, then scrub.
  • Clean and deodorize your toilet bowl by pouring undiluted white vinegar into it. Let stand for five minutes, then flush. Spray stubborn stains with white vinegar, then scrub vigorously.
  • Clean windows with a cloth dipped in a solution of one part white vinegar and 10 parts warm water. This works for dirty TV screens, too!
  • For brunettes, rinsing hair with vinegar after a shampoo makes hair shinier. Use one-tablespoon vinegar to one-cup warm water.
  • Soak paint stains in hot vinegar to remove them.
  • To clean drip coffeemakers, fill the reservoir with white vinegar and run it through a brewing cycle. Rinse thoroughly by brewing two cycles with water before using.
  • To remove bumper stickers from car chrome, paint on vinegar and let it soak in. Next, scrape off the stickers. Decals can be removed similarly.
  • Rid your refrigerator and freezer of bad odors by cleaning the insides with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wiping dry.
  • Apply full strength vinegar to mosquito or other insect bites to relieve the itching. (Caution: Do not do this if the affected area is raw.)
  • To remove smoke odors on clothes, hang them above a steaming bathtub filled with hot water and a cup of white vinegar.
  • To prevent mildew, wipe down surfaces with vinegar.
  • Place a vinegar-soaked brown bag on sprains to ease pain and aid recovery.
  • Use a sponge dampened with vinegar to clean shower curtains.
  • To remove salt and water stains from leather boots and shoes, rub with a solution of 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1 cup water. Wipe over the stained area only, and then polish.
  • To loosen a stuck jar lid, hold the jar upside down and pour warm vinegar around the neck at the joint between the glass and the top.
  • Rub cider vinegar on your skin to repel insects.


Wash every week. Body oil, dirt, dead skin and dust mites are waiting to be washed out. Use the hottest water for the fabric and detergent. White vinegar makes a great fabric soften. ¼ cup per load. 
The forgotten part of the bed. Remove the cases and put in the dryer on “Air Fluff” to remove dust mites, dust, pet hair and dead skin. Do this monthly. Wash them every 6 months following care directions.
Launder every 4 -6 times you wear them unless they become heavily soiled. Turn wrong side out, use mild detergent, no bleaching products and cold water. It drying in the dryer, turn right side out, match up the seams as if you were hanging them and fold in half. Lay them in the dryer and dry on low. Take out when damp and smooth before hanging. 
Dirtier than a toilet seat! You sit it on the floor everywhere, in restaurants, bathrooms, offices, etc. For leather, wipe the bottom with warm water and soap and dry or use a baby wipe. For vinyl bags, use a disinfecting wipe, baby wipe, alcohol wipe or hot water and soap. For a fabric purse be sure you treat it with Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector and wipe with a damp cloth to clean.
You put your hands on it every day. You eat in the car and handle it, you pump gas, it’s filthy! Put 50% warm water and 50% rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. Rub firmly, changing the towel out as it gets soiled. Dry with a paper towel. I do this once per week. You can also use a disinfecting wipe.
Disgusting! When was the last time you clean these? 
The remote: Use a cloth wrung out in rubbing alcohol to clean the remote. Dip a soft toothbrush into some alcohol and shake off until it is not wet. Brush around the keys and wipe down with a paper towel.
Light switches and door handles: Use a disinfecting wipe to wipe these down every week. It only takes minutes and even the kids can do it. 
So many people are wearing the tracker bands such as Fitbit™. Many people forget to clean the band that ends up with food, lotions, sweat and other things on it. Clean it weekly for sure. Take off the band, remove the tracker and clean the band with mild soap and water, shampoo and water or a baby wipe and dry thoroughly. This will keep skin irritations away as well as keeping it clean.
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Peach Cobbler

Mini Peach Cobbler Recipe:
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Preheat oven to 350˚F.
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
a dash of salt
3/4 cup milk
1 stick of melted butter
brown sugar
1 can diced peaches
Put 1 tsp of melted butter into each regular size muffin tin.
Combine the first 5 ingredients by hand… sugar, flour, baking powder, salt and milk.
Put 2 tbsp of batter into each regular size muffin tin… on top of the melted butter.
Then put 1 tbsp diced peaches on top of the batter.
Sprinkle with brown sugar and then cinnamon.
Bake the regular size muffin tins for 12 minutes.
Let them cool almost completely before taking out of pan.
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Blue Dawn

Wow Who Knew????
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Wild Life
Ever wonder why Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is the wildlife cleaner of choice after an oil spill? According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center, Dawn effectively removes grease but does not cause harm to the skin of the birds. It’s also biodegradable and contains no phosphates.
According to, Dawn dishwashing liquid makes great homemade bubbles. Here is the Giant Bubble Recipe used in bubble makers at many children’s museums: 1/2 cup Ultra Dawn 1/2 gallon warm water 1 tablespoon glycerin (available at any drug store) OR White Karo syrup works too! Stir gently. Skim the foam off the top of the solution (too much foam breaks down the bubbles). Dip bubble wand and get ready for some good, clean fun!
Kids get into the darnedest things! Like Vaseline and baby oil rubbed into their hair! Dawn is mild enough to use on their hair and strong enough to remove the most stubborn grease.
Once a month use original Dawn as you would shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your hair and scalp and strip away any build-up of styling products without any damage. Perform this once a month and you won’t have to buy expensive salon products that do the same thing.
Soak fingers in full-strength blue Dawn. It makes the cuticles soft and easy to work with. And it removes the natural oil from the fingernails, which allows the polish to adhere very well.
A safe, effective way to repel insects from your houseplants, including aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs. Put a drop of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid in a spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake well, and mist your household plants with the soapy water.
Try this recipe from Merry Maids: mix 3 drops Dawn in 1 gallon water and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Spritz and wipe as you would with any window cleaner.
Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dogshampoos.
After you have finished your automotive repair project, soak your dirty tools in Dawn before you put them away to remove all the oil and grime. Dawn also helps prevent rust from forming on the tools.
Partially fill a strong zip-type sandwich bag with Dawn dishwashing liquid, close and freeze. The liquid soap stays cold much longer and it can be re-frozen many times. It will conform to the place you need an ice pack.
Take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with white vinegar. Heat in the microwave. Fill the rest of the way with blue Dawn. Put lid on and shake to mix well. Spray on your tub and shower walls. Allow to sit for a few minutes and rinse away. It will totally melt all the gunk, slime, sludge and other stuff that builds up including a bathtub ring.
Spray counter-tops, cupboards and any other area where you see ants with a solution of Dawn and water. Wipe dry. The slight residue of Dawn that remains will not be a problem at all for kids or pets, but ants hate it. Should you see a trail of ants, go ahead and hit them with the Dawn spray.
Add a squirt or two of original Dawn dish soap to your washer and run a hot wash, then rinse until there are no more bubbles. Dawn is a degreasing agent and helps stripping by removing oily residue. Be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse until the water runs clear.
A cup of Dawn detergent poured into a clogged toilet allowed to sit for 15 minutes and then followed with a bucket of hot water poured from waist height will clear out the toilet.
Poison ivy spreads through the spread of the oil within the blisters. Washing the affected area with Dawn, especially on children who keep scratching the blister’s open, helps dry up the fluid, AND keep it from spreading.
If you have gasoline or motor oil stains on your driveway, you can use the kitty litter method to clean up the excess oil and then use a scrub broom and a solution of biodegradable Dawn dishwashing detergent and warm water to safely and effectively remove excess motor oil from the pavement.
Dawn makes a great facial cleanser for oily skin. A drop or two combined with warm water will do the trick.
Dawn combined with corn oil makes for the perfect paint or grease remover. Simply combine a little bit of both in your hands then rub it over affected areas. The corn oil and the dishwashing liquid both help to dissolve the grease and paint – yet leave skin soft, unlike harsher paint removers.
Plastic wading pools can get very gunky, very fast. Dump the water, then scrub the pool with Dawn and a sponge. More potent cleaners like bleach will weaken and dry out the plastic in the sun.
Merry Maids recommends using a drop of Dawn in water to clean ceramic tile and no-wax/linoleum floors. You can also use the spray on:
• Bathroom and kitchen counters and sinks.
• Woodwork, e.g., baseboards, shelves, and wainscoting. (Dry as you go–wood doesn’t like prolonged contact with water.)
• Tubs and toilet seats.
For oil-based stains such as lipstick, grease, butter, motor oil, cooking oil, and some pen inks, simply apply some Dawn dishwashing liquid directly to the stain and scrub with a small brush or toothbrush until the oil is removed, and then launder as usual.
Sliding glass doors, door knobs, hinges etc. It lasts much longer than any aerosol type spray that I have tried. And Its non-toxic! It does a great job of cleaning the parts that its lubricating as well!
For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks
Squirt Dawn down the middle of the pool and all of the dirt, suntan lotion, etc. will move to the edges of the pool for easy clean up! AND it makes the pools sparkle.
Simply rub a small drop of Dawn on eyeglass lenses, and wipe clean. It will leave a very thin film that will prevent them from fogging up.
Cover greasy footprints on shower floors with a coating of Dawn; let sit overnight. Scrub away the gunk in the morning with a stiff brush.
Mix two tablespoons Dawn to a gallon of water and put in your sprayer. Try to get spray both sides of the leaves, branches and the tree trunks. Let sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse the trees THOROUGHLY!
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