Friday, March 6, 2015

Cleaning with the Queen of Clean

People talk dirty to me all the time, that’s because I’m the Queen of Clean®, a New York Times Best Selling author of 6 books on cleaning and organizing. In addition I’ve appeared on TV shows such as The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael, The View, Dr. Phil and Oprah. My entire approach is to clean with things you already have in your pantry or cupboards, to clean “green” as much as possible and clean smarter not harder – even I would rather talk about it than actually do it!
I have created this quick little quiz so that you can find out where you stand on the cleaning chart. Are you right up there with the Queen or should you be racing out to buy my books to get you started. Remember, the only person you have to please is yourself and your family when it comes to cleaning. Just remember to keep your home sanitary and livable. OK, let’s get started and see who you really are.
1. To make sure I can see my face in my chrome fixtures as well as my mirror, I
a. Use silver polish because they look silvery, right?
b. Rub with lots of cleanser
c. Spend an hour wiping them, making sure no spots are left
d. Give them the once over with a dryer sheet
2. I should remove the zippered covers on my upholstered cushions
a. Before my mother-in-law, who still has the plastic on her furniture, comes to visit.
b. To air out the foam
c. So I can put them in the washer
d. Never – they might shrink and then I’ll be looking at foam instead of just a few spots.
3. When my kitchen drain clogs up I
a. Put on rubber gloves, a mask, and safety glasses and get out the most caustic substance I can find.
b. Call my plumber, that’s why they have plumbers in the first place.
c. Call my friend, who knows all about household stuff, and ask her.
d. Just open the cabinet, grab the salt and baking soda and pour a cup of each down the drain, then add a kettle of boiling water. 
4. I smoke in my car and
a. I cover up the smell with those pine-tree air fresheners
b. I’ve just resigned myself to driving a portable ashtray.
c. I take a nicely scented candle out to the car, light it carefully, listen to the radio for an hour and then take the candle out of the car.
d. I prevent the smell by putting baking soda in the ashtray and dryer sheets under the seats.
5. I just painted my living room and
a. Now I’m scraping paint off light switches and doorknobs. Who knew I 
could be so messy?
b. I used a really tiny brush and spent hours painting so I don’t have much 
mess, but boy am I tired. 
c. I laboriously wrapped layers and layers of tape all over every surface. It
only took 17 rolls.
d. I covered all the metal fixtures with petroleum jelly so any paint would just wipe right off.
6. I know that the easiest way to keep my copper pots shiny is to
a. Clean them regularly with special, expensive polish
b. Shiny, who needs shiny? That greenish tinge looks nice…right?
c. Have a garage sale and sell them. I’ll just buy new ones.
d. Rub them with ketchup from the free ketchup packets I get from fast-food restaurants.
7. I got so caught up in the horror flick I was watching (I think is was called Attack of the Dirty Ovens), I forgot about my microwave popcorn. Now the microwave reeks of burned popcorn, but not to worry
a. Microwaves don’t weigh that much, I’ll just move it to the back porch
where it can air out for a few days.
b. I don’t really mind that smell, Actually, it’s so familiar that it says “home”
to me.
c. I’ll buy some toxic cleaners and clean it out every day for a week and then
not microwave until the smell is gone.
d. I’ll just microwave a bowl of vanilla extract until it comes to a boil, then
Leave the microwave closed for 24 hours. The smell will be gone.
8. Speaking of dirty ovens, I think that mine is ready to attack. 
a. I had better go to the appliance store again. Time is money and I’d rather
spend the cash than the time it will take me to clean that monster.
b. And I like it that way. Down and dirty in the kitchen is what I say.
c. Okay, get out the mask, the oven cleaner and the scraper. I can have this done in a few hours.
d. I’ll tame the beast with a simple paste of baking soda and ammonia.
9. I am prepared for the next time my husband “fixes” the car and makes an oily mess on the garage floor.
a. Because I’ve already made up a bed for him on the couch. He knows
What’ll happen if he doesn’t clean up after himself.
b. Because I’ve already listed that car in the want ads. No more car….no
more mess.
c. I really do love that man, what’s a few hours spent with toxic garage floor 
cleaner. I am sure he will buy me some flowers when he sees what I have done.
d. Because I know to take some of the resident feline’s Kitty Litter™ and sprinkle it on the spills. They’ll be gone in no time. Better still I have taught my husband to do it when he sees the spill happen. 
If you answered mostly A’s: You are, and I say this with kindness, a Domestic Disaster. You’ve reached the point of no return. Keeping up with all the cleaning has just become too much and you’re resigned to taking the easiest route possible, which may mean doing nothing at all. Check out the Queen’s tips for doing things quickly and easily…..I promise, it’s not as bad as you think. 
If you answered mostly B’s: You are a Queen Needing Training. You haven’t reached that point of no return, but you are tired, frustrated and probably irritated too. There are quick, fun ways to clean, how about putting Tang™ in your toilet and Massingill® on your dog?! Sound intriguing? Those are just a couple of the Queen’s cleaning tips.
If you answered mostly C’s: You are truly a Domestic Diva, in fact, you’re an American Idol. It’s surprising you had the time or energy to fill out this quiz! You’re working too hard at keeping everything clean, though; brush up on some tips from the Queen so you can be more efficient…and happier too. Maybe it’s time to come down off the pedestal. 
If you answered mostly D’s: You are a Cleaning Queen and truly the queen of your domain! You’ve obviously taken the Queen’s advice to heart and you’re using to keep your household under control…with as little fuss as possible. Keep it up—and recruit some friends! 
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