Monday, April 20, 2015

Queen of Clean Disinfectant Spray

11 hrs · 
DISINFECTING SPRAY - You won't believe how easy
Are you looking for a totally natural, totally safe and inexpensive disinfecting spray? This one is unique and really works. Fill one spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and one spray bottle with white vinegar. Label the bottles. When you are ready to disinfect, spray on the hydrogen peroxide first and then spray on the white vinegar. Let sit about 3 minutes or while you do something else and then wipe. You do not need to rinse. You can mix half of each in a bottle, however the effectiveness is elevated if you keep them separate until use. The good news is that this kills germs, bacteria and even E.coli so it is especially good for the bathroom. This was proven by the University of Michigan to work. The best part is that unlike the disinfecting sprays you buy, this one is safe on food prep surfaces in the kitchen and around the kids.

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